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October 16, 2012
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Chapter 1
It was early in the morning, I woke up in my brothers guest room since I would be going on tour with him and his band, I got out of bed and threw something on quickly not knowing who was here. (… I walked down stairs to see CC, Jinxx, His girl friend Sammi, My brother, Jake, and Andy's Girlfriend Juliet. I sat on the couch as everyone looked at me.

Ashley: "Mornin' sunshine"

I looked at him, with a nice look showing that I herd him, I just wasn't ready to talk at the moment

CC: "Where the hell is Andy, we're gonna be late"
Ashley: "He said that we would be here around 8"

I looked at the time on my phone it was 7:50, everyone was talking to one another as I dozed off into a light nap only to wake up with something crushing me, I open my eyes to see Sammi sitting on me.

Sammi: "NO SLEEP!!!"
You: "I wasn't sleeping, I was practicing how to die." I said with a sarcastic tone, every one laughed alittle,

Just as 8 o'clock rolled around Andy came running threw the door, his batman pajamas still on and his hair undone. I have to say though, He still looked really really attractive, I mean his eyes were natural today his hair was down, his box- WAIT! what am I thinking the dude has a girl friend!  pull yourself together Bitch!!

Juliet: "Baby what took you so longg?" Ugh the sound of her voice just irked me, I don't like her, It's not because she's dating Andy I don't have any feelings for him, it's that me and her just don't get alone.

Andy looked at all of us as we impatiently waited for an answer

Andy: "I was out late last night with somefriends"  As Andy Said that his eyes kinda glided over to me, I was looking at him since everyone else was, but right as his eyes made contact with mine, I had to look down, me and Andy rarely look at eachother but when we do its like a static shock to the both of us, I think, Well maybe not to him, but to me, something about it just makes me tingle

_____ANDY'S POV____________
I was late this morning getting up and ready because Juliet spent the night, We have been trying to get things worked out because a couple of days ago, well lets just say what I saw, Didn't make me very happy, But anyways she was hogging the whole bathroom today and left before me so I had to get everything ready, I didn't even have time to throw new clothes on, But by the time I got there, Everyone looked pissed as hell, Including Silver, who looked like she had just woken up, but as pretty as ever, I have a little crush on Silver, I always have actually, but she never shows any signs, so I started dating Juliet.

Juliet: Baby what took you soo longgg?
She asked in a kind of whiny tone.

Oh shit I had to make up an excuse or else shes gonna get mad

Me: I was out late last night.

My eyes glided to Silver as I was talking, she was staring at me intently like the others, but as we made eye contact and the tingling feeling came back to me she looked away quickly, I wonder If she can feel it?

Jake: Okay well we are all here so we need to head out.
he said grabbing all his bags, Jinxx grabbed Sammi's and his bag and sammi grabbed her  purse, Silver struggled to get her things out to the bus. I was gonna help until, Juliet threw her bags to me and I was forced to carry them out.

______YOUR POV___________

I saw what Juliet did to Andy, and I thought -oh this should be a great- I was dragging my stuff out as, CC and Jake Ran out
CC: godd you take for ever" He pronounced as he grabbed a bag and Jake grabbed the other.
I walk behind them and yell
You: WOOOOO! This is gonna be a tour!
Andy laughed at my excitment, so did the others, Juliet just glared.
I can tell me and her are gonna have some issues
Hey This Is My new story, It's gonna get really so watch out! :D Chapters 2,3,4 are out
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